Learn AI with AI

Welcome to PegHeads.org a free coding platform for developers who want to build awesome AI & ML models. If you are an experienced developer interested in helping us with our mission of training artificial intelligence to automate 3D animation then please click here for our GitHub account.

We will make update to our source code periodically.


PegHeads tutorial 1

Tutorial #1

Tying video clips together with AI.

PegHeads tutorial 2

Tutorial #2

Video clip selection using dropdown menu

PegHeads tutorial 3

Tutorial #3

Testing the Facial Emotion Recognition (FER) algorithm on animations

PegHeads tutorial 4

Tutorial #4

Transfer Learning: to create a Pre-Trained model

PegHeads tutorial 5

Tutorial #5

Training and testing of Glide by OpenAI

3D Printing TUTORIAL

PegHeads tutorial four

BotPeg T-Pose